Dear trader,

Below you can find my incoming list of DVD boolegs that are on the way to me and sent from another traders worldwide. Stay tuned and see in the main page the updatings.

PS: just for good way, ensure that bootleg you want is on there before request it from me.


10.06.1990 - Live in Tijuana, Mexico - AUD

07.03.1992 - Live at Arena ADL, Mexico City, Mexico - AUD (low quality)
04.08.1995 - Live in Cuidad Juarez, Mexico - AUD

26.02.2010 - Live at Studio 803, Puebla, Mexico - AUD
05.05.2011 - Live at Little Devil, Tilburg, Holland - AUD

22.04.2004 - Live at WOW Hall, Eugene, USA - AUD (transferred from analogic to digital)
04.09.2011 - Live at Branx, Portland, USA - AUD (HD quality)

22.02.2012 - Live at Branx, Portland, USA - AUD (HD quality)

04.09.2004 - Live in Tijuana, Mexico - AUD (w/ Hacavitz members / darky image)
03.01.2005 - Live in Bali, Indonesia - AUD (w/ Hacavitz members)
16.10.2007 - Live at Locomotive, Paris, France - AUD
04.11.2011 - Live at Studio Seven, Seattle, USA - AUD
05.11.2011 - Live at Plan B, Portland, USA - AUD (HD quality)

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